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Created in May 2015 by founder Richard Ording, "Lionheart Fitness"…


    Created in May 2015 by founder Richard Ording, "Lionheart Fitness" instructs under the principles of hard work, dedication and persistence - all keys to the creation of a better version of one's self.

    HARD WORK - Just like anything in life, your results are equal to that of the effort you put in to whatever it is you do in life - painting, writing, swimming, cooking and of course; training. If you don't train like a beast, you'll never BE a beast - either go hard, or go home.

    DEDICATION - Gordon Ramsay didn't acquire 6 Michelin stars by only showing up to work once a week, Pablo Picasso didn't create his works of art by randomly doodling in his workbook - likewise, you will not acquire the body or level of fitness you desire by occasionally showing up at the gym - you MUST be consistent, you MUST be dedicated.

    PERSISTENCE - Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither was Arnold. Setbacks happen, but it was the drive of Roman officials that saw Rome come to fruition, it was the unwillingness to give up that saw Arnold win multiple Mr Olympia titles. If you want something - REALLY want something to change, or to grow, then being persistent is a huge key in seeing your gym goals come to fruition. Not just in showing up at the gym, but in your nutrition and dieting as well.

    1-on-1 Personal Training (at LMVP)
    45 minutes • Price varies
    Take your training game to the next level and train like a beast with an energetic trainer who will motivate, encourage, correct and challenge you!

    Tag Team Training (at LMVP)
    45 minutes • Price varies
    Some people train better alone, others enjoy the camaraderie of doing it with a friend - there's no judgment here - just two mates and a motivating trainer who will push you both towards your goals!

    Corporate Bootcamp
    45 minutes • Price varies
    Keep your workforce fit, healthy and motivated with outdoor training that works wonders for the health of your business as well as the individual health of your employees!

    Outdoor Group Fitness
    45 minutes • Price varies
    Get fit with your friends! No equipment or gym membership required here - just you, your mates and a positive attitude. Got all those? I'll take care of the rest!

    Mobile / Private Personal Training
    Duration varies • Price varies
    Got your own private gym/equipment or membership elsewhere that allows you to bring in a guest? - then I'll come to you! Drop me a message and get the ball rolling!

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    SO! You're having trouble getting gains? Here's THREE free tips for you my friend :)


    Focus on good form (read: full range of motion) and take. things. slow. - As a personal trainer at one of the busiest gyms in the country I see SO! many guys trying to bash out a set in under 10 seconds, or limit their range of motion, or swing their reps instead of properly contracting the muscle... Take your fucking time, and don't be a fucking pussy! If you get to your 10th rep/45th second and you still got good form and aren't exhausted - then you, my friend, are selling yourself short! Either keep going, or add on a little weight in your next set. The whole point of working out is to EXHAUST the muscle, either to the point of incorrect form, or total failure.


    This encompasses both yourself AND your diet. For a start - YOU know if you aren't putting in the right amount of work at the gym - so don't bullshit yourself into thinking you'll get your gains in 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 1 month or three if either a.) your diet isn't on point, or b.) you aren't training correctly - these things take time, but they also need strict dedication. Diet wise - get rid of sugar, eat lots protein, a modest amount of fats, and an adequate amount of carbs (personal preference: no carbs before midday, and none after 6pm) - My personal diet is a 50/30/20 denomination of protein, fats and carbs)


    Yeah, you'll have to give up partying for a while, or at least cutting out the boozamahole - but let's be real for a second; what do you want? do you want gains? you know alcohol is literally poison that you're drinking, right? and this poison is going right to your liver, which is that thing that helps to extract important nutrients into your body, ones that are vital to helping you grow, so, like, WHY ARE YOU MESSING WITH IT!? messing with your metabolism - a wonderful byproduct of your liver - when you're trying to get a bigger, stronger, healthier body is a bit like the idea of walking down the road to get milk, only to suddenly crash your car into the moon - it makes no logical sense. Instead, take some time to focus on you, your skills that YOU bring to life AND getting lots of sleep. Remember, training is like any skill in life bro, the harder you work at something, the better the result: half-assing it will get you half-assed results.

    That's the short and sweet of it.


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    Wanted to share something beautiful with the world today.

    Think I found it.

    Never forget the power of words - they can build you, or they can break you, just like weights in the gym. Courage & Bravery in the face of adversity aren't the only thing to make up a Lionheart - the key is in the word itself. Show the world you have one - be kind. <3

    10 seconds of compliments can change someone’s life. Just watch:

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    Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all had a fantastic holiday and are all rested and ready to tackle 2018. We all went heavy on the fun this summer so I'll be doing discount sessions for new clients until the beginning of February to help you get back on track.

    Speaking of tracks: Here's a beaut!

    I wish my workouts were this fun!

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