Created in May 2015 by founder Richard Ording, "Lionheart Fitness" instructs under the principles of hard work, dedication and persistence - all keys to the creation of a better version of one's self.

HARD WORK - Just like anything in life, your results are equal to that of the effort you put in to whatever it is you do in life - painting, writing, swimming, cooking and of course; training. If you don't train like a beast, you'll never BE a beast - either go hard, or go home.

DEDICATION - Gordon Ramsay didn't acquire 6 Michelin stars by only showing up to work once a week, Pablo Picasso didn't create his works of art by randomly doodling in his workbook - likewise, you will not acquire the body or level of fitness you desire by occasionally showing up at the gym - you MUST be consistent, you MUST be dedicated.

PERSISTENCE - Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither was Arnold. Setbacks happen, but it was the drive of Roman officials that saw Rome come to fruition, it was the unwillingness to give up that saw Arnold win multiple Mr Olympia titles. If you want something - REALLY want something to change, or to grow, then being persistent is a huge key in seeing your gym goals come to fruition. Not just in showing up at the gym, but in your nutrition and dieting as well.

1-on-1 Personal Training (at LMVP)
45 minutes • Price varies
Take your training game to the next level and train like a beast with an energetic trainer who will motivate, encourage, correct and challenge you!

Tag Team Training (at LMVP)
45 minutes • Price varies
Some people train better alone, others enjoy the camaraderie of doing it with a friend - there's no judgment here - just two mates and a motivating trainer who will push you both towards your goals!

Corporate Bootcamp
45 minutes • Price varies
Keep your workforce fit, healthy and motivated with outdoor training that works wonders for the health of your business as well as the individual health of your employees!

Outdoor Group Fitness
45 minutes • Price varies
Get fit with your friends! No equipment or gym membership required here - just you, your mates and a positive attitude. Got all those? I'll take care of the rest!

Mobile / Private Personal Training
Duration varies • Price varies
Got your own private gym/equipment or membership elsewhere that allows you to bring in a guest? - then I'll come to you! Drop me a message and get the ball rolling!

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