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Feb 22
How to Pack for Your First Gay Pride Abroad

Ah, gay pride. Is there something happier and more colorful than this? (OK, if we’re…

Feb 11
Stop Pressuring Yourself to be Perfect

Never forget what YOUR voice sounds like. I’ve always wanted to be someone I’m not.…

Feb 05
How to Have a Fabulous Valentine’s Day If You’re Single

It is said that Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year. However, it is…

Jan 06
10 Assumptions Single Shy Gay Guys Have When Approaching Men

Shy gay guys in the community are terrified to approach men—I’m one of them! It might…

Dec 30
Are Gay Guys Who Own Dogs More Attractive?

What is it about a hot gay guys and their pets? Every now and then I find myself…

Dec 28
Body Image Pressure in the Gay Community: The Whys and The Hows

For all the people outside the gay community, all its members look satisfied and…